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Prices, Services, Support
Full Dialup Access Accounts

We offer two separate groups of dialup servers in all local dialup locations. Our Lucent Portmaster group covers all 56 Kflex and most V.90 modems and also allows us to offer ISDN DOV (data over voice) for the same cost. Our other group, the 3Com Total Control units cover the 56K-X2 and most V.90 modems.

With the high sensitivity of the new modems to telephone line noise and compatibility issues with the present day V.90 protocol, you have twice the chance of getting a good solid connection to the Internet through Wizard.

We HATE Busy Signals, so we always keep a very low customer to modem ratio of 8 to 1. That is well under the standard of 10 to 1 and most providers are now carrying even higher ratio's. The big national ISP's and services are as high as 35 to 1. The higher the number, the better chance of a busy signal.

Personal Full Dialup Access
Analog modem speeds from 14.4k to 56k and digital Data-Over-Voice (DOV) ISDN.  We have three packages, the longer the term, the bigger the discount.

Our monthly rates include the following services:

  • One dialup connection 56K analog or ISDN DOV
  • One pop3 or Imap email account
  • Use of web based Online Email client
  • 5 Meg of Disk Space for Your Personal WebPages
  • CGI Support - form mailers, counters, and imagemaps
  • Free Regular Technical & Customer Support
  • No per minute charges

Full Dialup Access Pricing:

 3  month plan ($48.00) $16.00/mth
 6  month plan ($90.00) $15.00/mth
12 month plan ($168.00) $14.00/mth

The Wizard's Family Plan
Do you have other family members in your household who want to have their own email address?  Not a problem, we offer a Family Plan that allows you to have up to 4 additional email only accounts for any family member living within the same household.

The cost is only $1.00 per month per extra email account.  All email accounts also include the use of our new web based Online Email client for easy access to their email.

If you are looking for a static IP address or a dedicated connection or you want to signup multiple dialup accounts at the same time,  then please contact us by sending email to  sales@wzrd.com  or give us a call at   (716) 743-0091.   We will be happy to quote you a price for whatever you require.

Local Access Dialup Numbers
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