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Wizard Communication Systems
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Fetch 2.0 Configuration
for the Macintosh

    To learn how to use fetch follow the instructions below on how to get Stuffit Expander. If you don't have Stuffit Expander for your Mac, you should get it!

    Run Fetch by clicking on the program Icon or Click on the Fetch Icon in the Internet Valet Pallete.

    If the New Connection screen pops up click on the cancel button. Then go to the "Customize" menu and choose the "Prefrences" menu option and in this window you should enter the following:

    For your Default Password, please enter your email address. (if your login account name was "username", you would enter your email address just like pictured above). Click on the 'Okay' button.

Now choose 'New Connection' under the file Menu

    When the Dialog Box comes up asking for Info here is what you type:

    Host: ftp.deltanet.com

    User: anonymous

    Password: leave this blank if you configured your prefrences if not enter your email address.
    example: username@wzrd.com.

    Directory: /pub/macintosh_files/

    Click on okay button and the "dog" icon should start running. When the ftp site opens you will see a new window with the file list in the left half of the screen.

Scroll down till you see the file stuffit expander.sea

Click on stuffit once to highlite it.

    ***Important note: At the bottom right of the file window there are three circle radio buttons that say automatic, text and binary. You must have the binary button checked!!!

    Now click on the 'Get File. . . ' button. Fetch will now ask you where you want to save stuffit expander. You may save it anywhere you wish. After you click on the save button the dog will run and the program will be downloaded.

    When the download is finished. You may close fetch. You will now have to double click on stuffit expander to extract the stuffit folder. And inside the folder is your stuffit expander!

    You have successfully setup Fetch

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