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Wizard Communication Systems
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Configuring Netscape 3.x for the Macintosh

Configuring Netscape Mail is quite easy! There are just a few steps to follow:

1. From the Options menu, select Mail and News Preferences.

2. Click on the tab.

Outgoing and incoming mail servers are both: mail.wzrd.com. For POP User, type in the first half of your email address.
A. "Outgoing and Incoming mail servers" are both: mail.wzrd.com
B. "POP User ID" is: your username.
C. Select Removed from Server.
D. "News server" is: news.wzrd.com

3. Click on the Identity tab.

For Real Name, type in your real name. Make sure your email address and reply-to address match! Your email address is your username, followed by '@wzrd.com'
A. "Your name" is: your real name.
B. Your E-mail address and Reply-to address: should both be your username followed by @wzrd.com

4. You're done configuring Netscape Mail and News! Click on the OK button.

You have successfully setup Netscape Email

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