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Wizard Communication Systems
Online Support Pages

FreePPP 2.6 for the Macintosh

  • Open the Free PPP application by selecting the small telephone icon located in your control strip or the upper right hand corner of your desktop. You will see the following window:

    Free PPP Setup Screen

  • Select the Connect to button and then choose the New Account tab

    Account, Dialup, Options Screen

  • The Connect method should be Directly
  • The User Name is the login name you requested from Wizard when you signed up
  • The Password is the secret code you requested when you signed up
  • Select the Dialup tab.
  • We have expanded our "Local" dialup access to all of Erie and Niagara Counties along with the communities of Medina, Albion, Batavia, Olean, and Wellsville.  All of our local calling areas have access to both dialup hunt groups.  Go to our Dialup Locations Page to see the numbers available for local dialup access.
  • Enter the Phone number given to you for your area
  • Enter any alternative phone numbers for your area
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Enter the DNS information

    Account, Dialup, Options Screen

  • Entering the modem information

    Modem Configuration Screen

  • The Modem config name can be anything you want
  • The Connected to should read Modem Port
  • The Port Speed should be set to the number 1 higher than your modem speed
  • Flow Control should be set to CTS & RTS (DTR)
  • Dial Type should be set to your service (Tone or Pulse) most phones are tone
  • Set the rest of the options according to the image above.
  • For Performa with an internal modem, select that option
  • Set the Modem init string to Auto Detect Location Configuration

    You have Successfully Configured Free PPP V2.6 for your Mac.

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