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Cute FTP
File Transfer Protocol

What is File Transfer Protocol?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been used almost exclusively on UNIX workstations and mainframes for many years to transfer files between remote computer systems. Internet access has made FTP a popular alternative to BBS systems. Early FTP compliant software used a command line interface that was difficult for some beginners to work with. As the Internet grew in popularity, new standards appeared (Gopher, WWW), providing a more user-friendly interface. However, FTP still remains the popular choice among computer professionals.

Overview of CuteFTP

CuteFTP™ is a Windows based File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client that allows users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all the details of the protocol itself. CuteFTP™ simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly Windows interface instead of a cumbersome command line utility. CuteFTP™ gives novice PC users the ability to upload, download and edit files on remote FTP servers around the world.


System Requirements

Any PC running Windows 95/98, or Windows NT 4.0 or later.
At least 8 MB RAM and 1.5 MB of free Hard Disk space.
A connection to the Internet.


1. Turn on your computer and start Microsoft Windows 95/98, or NT4.

2. Place the CuteFTP™ CD in your CD-ROM drive. Installation begins automatically.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If your CD-ROM drive does not support automatic installation, follow the steps below:

1. Place the CuteFTP™ CD in your CD-ROM drive.

2. Double-click on “My Computer” located on the Desktop. Double-click on the CD-ROM drive icon. Double-click on the “CuteFTP.exe” icon.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

CuteFTP™’s Main Screen

The Main Screen is used to transfer files to and from remote servers and is divided into four windows: An upper window, two center windows, and a lower window.

Click here to enlarge image

Upper Window The log window displays the commands you give CuteFTP™ and the server’s responses. CuteFTP™ logs this information to inform you of completed transactions or to assist in troubleshooting.

Center Left Window (Local). The local window displays the selected directory from your hard-drive.

Center Right Window (Remote). The remote window displays the files and directories of the server you are connected to.

Lower Window (Queue). The queue window is used for temporary storage of files you wish to transfer at a later time.

Connecting to an Existing Site

Use Site Manager to connect to an existing site.

1. From the Menu Bar, click FTP/Site Manager.

2. Select a folder (click on the name) from the list showing in the left window of the FTP Site Manager Screen.

3. Select a site (click on the name) from the list showing in the right window of the FTP Site Manager Screen.

4. Click the Connect button.

NOTE: After connecting, CuteFTP™ will display a message from the server administrator informing you of rules and regulations of the server. Click the OK button at the bottom of that screen to clear the message.

Transferring Files

There are numerous ways to transfer files.

Once you are connected to a remote server there are five methods of transferring files:

Option 1: Drag and Drop. Click to highlight the file that you want to transfer. Using your left mouse button, “grab” the highlighted file, drag the file to the opposite window, and drop the file anywhere in that window.

Option 2: Menu/Tool Bar. Highlight the files you want to transfer. To use the Menu Bar, click on ‘Commands’ then ‘Upload or Download’. To use the Tool Bar, click the Upload or Download button (looks like an arrow pointing up or down).

Option 3: Double-click the File. Highlight the file you want to transfer and double click. NOTE: The Double-Click Action feature must be set to 'Transfer' for this to work. From the Menu Bar, click FTP/Settings/Options/Advanced to see if 'Transfer' is selected in the Double-Click Action box.

Option 4: Using Queue to Transfer. Highlight the file you want to transfer and drag it to the Queue window. Click Queue/Transfer Queue to transfer the file.

Option 5: Right-click pop up menu. Highlight the file and RIGHT click then select transfer from the pop up menu.

NOTE: If your uploaded web pages show on the right hand side, your file transfer was completed. You can now type in your URL or web page address in your browser and you will see the web page corresponding to the HTML file(s) you uploaded.

You have successfully setup & run CuteFtp

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