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Wizard Communication Systems
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Outlook Express Identities Setup
For Windows 95, 98, XP

Before beginning you need to know what your login name and password are. You need to have a working modem installed in your computer.

1.)  To add a separate identity in Outlook Express you will first need to open the program. Now click on File, Identities, and finally Add an Identity.


2.)  In this “New Identity” window you should insert a name that you would like to use to identify the identity. Now click on OK.

3.)  The identity is now added and now needs to be setup. In order to setup that identity you will need to enter the identity so click on Yes.

4.)  This will begin the Internet Connection Wizard to help you setup this email identity. In the “Display Name” field you will need to type in your name. When this is completed click on Next.

5.)  In the email field, place the email address associated with this identity, then click Next.

6.)  Make sure that the incoming mail server is set to a POP3 server, then continue to the next field where you will need to place the name of the Incoming mail server. Type pop3.wzrd.com, and in the outgoing server is mail.wzrd.com. After these fields are filled in click on Next.

7.)  In the Account name field type your username (all in lower case). In the Password field type in your case-sensitive password. It will appear as a series of stars. This is for security. Click on Next.

8.)  The last screen congratulates you for completing the process, so click on Finish.

9.)  To switch between identities you will need to click on File, then Switch Identities.

10.)  In this window you select the email identity that you would like to work with. This window provides you with the ability to switch between identities.


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