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Wizard Communication Systems
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Microsoft Internet Mail 3 Setup
Detailed Instructions

Microsoft Internet Mail comes with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Internet Mail is usually installed as an option, so make sure that you select it when you install Internet Explorer. This page will give you step-by-step instructions for configuring Microsoft Internet Mail for sending and receiving email.

1. Open your Microsoft Internet Explorer

2. Click Mail on the Explorer toolbar, Click on Read Mail

Select Mail
3. In your Microsoft Internet Mail window, click Mail, Click Options...

Select Options

4. For Name: type in your real name or nickname

5. For Organization: you can type in the name of your company, if you have one (this is not required)

6.For Email Address: type in your_username@wzrd.com - where your_username is the login name you gave WIZARD when you signed up. (NOTE: this field is case sensitive, and it must be ALL lower case.)

7. For Outgoing Mail (SMTP): type in mail.wzrd.com

8. For Incoming Mail (POP3): type in mail.wzrd.com

9. For POP3 Account: type in your user_name (NOTE: this field is case sensitive, and it must be ALL lower case.)

10. For Password: type in the password you gave WIZARD when you signed up Click the Connection tab at the top of the window

Select Server tab

11. Click on I use a Modem to access my e-mail

12. For Use the following Dial-Up Networking connection: use the down arrow to select the WIZARD connection you created when you used the Internet Setup Wizard

13. Check the box beside Disconnect when finished sending and receiving, ClickOK

Select Modem

You have successfully configured Microsoft Internet Mail.

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