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Wizard Communication Systems
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Microsoft Outlook Express 5.x Setup
(for Windows 95/98 Only)

Outlook Express 5 Setup is slightly different than Outlook Express 4. The information used is the same, but the screen images are not.

After having Installed Microsoft Explorer 5 you will find the Outlook Express ICON on your Desktop. (If you already have IE 5 installed go to step 1 below)

1.Win95/98 Desktop Icon - Outlook Express Double Click on the Microsoft Outlook Icon on your Desktop, click on Tools > Accounts..

2.Click on the Mail tab.

If you have an account in here from a previous provider and you will not be using it in the future you should remove it (by clicking on it once to highlight it and clicking on the Remove button.) 3.Click on Add > Mail to start the wizard.

Outlook Express 5 Wizard

For the following screen examples we will pretend someone named John Smith signed up with the username of John. When you start the wizard you will get a screen that looks like the following:

Enter a name. This is the name people will see in the 'From:' field when you send mail, therefore, it can be anything you want (a nickname, your full name, in all caps or lower-case, etc.)

Click Next when you are finished entering your name.

1. Select I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use

2. Type in your e-mail address on the line. Remember, lower-case.

Click Next when you are finished entering your e-mail address.

Your server is a POP3 so there is no need to change that setting.

1. Type mail.wzrd.com for the incoming mail server (remember lower case!)

2. Hit your Tab key.

3. Type mail.wzrd.com for the Outgoing mail server (again in lower case.)

Click Next when you are finished entering the two mail servers.

The Account Name is your User ID that you chose when you signed up. It is also the beginning of your e-mail address. Type it in and don't forget to use lower case.

Tab down and type in your password (lower case).

*** Don't put a check in Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA). Wizard Communications Systems does not use this setting.

Click Next when you are finished entering your name and password.

This is the last screen in the wizard. You only need to click on Finish and you'll be up and running.

You have successfully configured Microsoft Outlook Express 5.

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