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Wizard Communication Systems
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Microsoft Outlook Express 4.x Setup
(for Windows 95/98 Only)

Outlook Express 4 Setup is slightly different than Outlook Express 5. The information used is the same, but the screen images are not.

After having Installed Microsoft Explorer 4 you will find the Outlook Express ICON on your Desktop. (If you already have IE 4 installed goto step 1 below)

1.Win95/98 Desktop Icon - Outlook Express Double Click on the Microsoft Outlook Icon on your Desktop.

Win95/98 Desktop - Outlook Setup

2.It will prompt you starting the Internet Connection Wizard. Select "I already have an Internet connection setup on this computer and do not want to change it." Click on the Next button. (Outlook will allow you to select your connection later.)

Outlook Setup Wizard

Then Click on the Finish Button to continue.

From the T

3. Next Outlook will prompt you as to where to place your messages. Select Outlook Express folder, Click ok.

4. You will now be prompted for your personal information. Type in your "First" and "Last" name. Click on the Next button.

5. Type in your "E-mail Address" (username@wzrd.com) using lower case, Click on the Next button.

6. You should see the selections "POP3" server type, Incoming Mail server (POP3) is "mail.wzrd.com" and Outgoing Mail (SMTP) "mail.wzrd.com" in the windows. Click on the Next button.

7. The Wizard will now ask you for your Internet Login Information. There should be a "DOT" in the circle where it says "Log on using."
Now Enter Your "username" in the window "POP account name."
Enter your "password" in the window "Password." Click on the Next button.

8. The Wizard will ask for a "Friendly Name" Type in "Your Username" Click on the Next button.

9. Now you are going to choose the Connection Type. Make sure the "DOT" is in the circle "Connect using my phone line." Click on the Next button.

10. Select The "DOT" in the circle "Use and existing dial-up connection." Then select the "Wizard" entry. Click on the Next button.

11. Click on the Finish button.

Go to Page 2 for Configuring Newsgroups
or to Page 3 for Importing Email.

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