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Wizard Communication Systems
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Netscape Profile Setup
For Windows95/98

To add an email address in Netscape you must add another user profile and to do so you must close out Netscape and click the following sequence:

Netscape Communicator,
and finally User Profile Manager

2. In the Profile Manager window you will see the profiles that are currently installed in your computer.  To add another profile you will need to click on the “New…” button in the right hand margin of this window.

3. This next window is the start of a script that will take you through the process of adding a profile. Click on Next.

4) The next window will prompt you to provide your name and email address.  In the field labeled Full Name, you should provide how you want the recipients of the email you send to recognize that it came from you.  In the field labeled email address you should provide your email address. Once this is completed click Next.

5)  In this next window you will need to provide a name for the profile. This is not sensitive to the performance of the profile; it is just a name so that you will recognize what profile and email you will be using. The lower field in this window is a default location for where the Netscape information will be saved. Click Next.

6) You will now need to provide the information necessary to send and receive email. For the outgoing mail (SMTP) type in lower case. mail.wzrd.com. Click Next.

7. This next window will need you to fill in your username in the first field (This should be typed all in lower case without any spaces). The second field needs the Incoming mail server which is pop3.wzrd.com. The mail server type is POP3. When all these settings are typed in and correct click Next.

8. The next window provides you the opportunity to view Newsgroups. Once you have input the necessary information keep in mind that you will need to subscribe to the newsgroups that you want to view. When this information is completed click on Finish.

9. Once the previous is completed and you have more than one profile in your computer you will see changes occur when you open Netscape each time. The following window will appear each time that you open Netscape and provide you with the opportunity to select the profile that you would like to use for each session. Keep in mind that each profile will use its own email so if you want to retrieve a particular email address, and then select the profile corresponding with the email address.

You have successfully configured Netscape

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