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Wizard Communication Systems
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Netscape 4.x Mail, News, and Homepage Setup
For Windows95/98/NT

1. If you have not already done so, Setup Netscape by running the setup.exe program that is provided with the distribution.

2. Once Netscape has been installed, Run it by clicking on the "Netscape Navigator" icon which has been installed on your Start Menu.

3. After Netscape loads, choose "Edit" from the menu bar and go down to "Preferences". When the preferences dialog box opens, you should see the following:

4) Under the "Navigator" submenu (which you see above), fill in the "Home Page; Location" field as www.wzrd.com

5) Next, choose the "Mail & Newsgroups" submenu (by double clicking on it). This will bring down the Mail and Newsgroups options. Click on "Identity". This will bring up the following dialog:

6) Fill in your name and email address as shown.

7. Now click on the "Mail Servers" subsection of the "Mail & Newsgroups" menu. This will bring up the following dialog:

8. You should see the screen exactly as below with the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) setup with "mail.wzrd.com". And the Outgoing mail server user name should have your username in it. If you do not see these, fill them in now.

9. Add or Edit the server under "Incoming Mail Servers". (Only Add a server if you do not already see "mail.wzrd.com". If you do see this, choose Edit.) The following dialog will appear:

10. If you are Adding a new Incoming Mail Server, be sure to choose "POP3" in the "Server Type" pulldown menu. Fill in "mail.wzrd.com" for the Server Name and your username for the "Username" field. (Do not put your email address in this field. Your username is the name which comes before the @ sign in your email address. If your email address is joeshmoe@wzrd.com, then your username is simply "joeshmoe").

11. Click OK to save your new configuration and exit the preferences dialog. Your Netscape browser should now be completely configured for your Wizard account.

You have successfully configured Netscape Email.

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