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Wizard Communication Systems
Online Support Pages

Installing RAS for Windows NT 4.0

By now you've already determined that you don't have RAS installed on your system. You should be at the Network Services tab (My Computer/Control Panel/Network). Click the Add button, and you'll be presented with the Select Network Service window, as shown here:

Select Network Screen

Scroll through the list of available services until you find one labeled "Remote Access Service". Click on it to highlight it, as shown above. Click the OK button, and Windows NT will install that service. You'll be prompted for your installation CD-ROM if RAS has not been previously loaded.

Setting Dialup Networking for Windows NT

Click on the Start Button, then Programs, then Accessories, then Dial-Up Networking. You should see the following screen. Click the New button.

Dialup Networking Screen

The New Phonebook Entry window should now appear.Entry name and correct Phone number should be entered. Verify that the correct modem is listed in Dial using: When done, click the Server tab.

Windows NT Basic Settings Screen

Server settings should be as displayed below. When done, click the TCP/IP settings button.

WinNT Server Settings Screen

Click Specify Name Server Addresses and enter the numbers for the Primary( and Secondary( DNS. Make sure to turn off Use IP Header compression. When done, click O.K.>

winNT TCP/IP Settings Screen

Click the Script tab and simply click None Click the Before Dialing button.

WinNT Script Settings Screen

Set Before Dialing Script to None. Click O.K.

WinNT Before Dialing Script Screen

Click the Security tab and set to Accept any authentication. Click O.K.

WinNT Security Settings Screen

The Dial-Up Networking screen will now appear with the Wizard profile ready to go. Click Dial if all goes well you should connect to Wizard

WinNT Dialup Networking Screen

You have successfully Installed Ras and Setup Dialup Network for Windows NT.

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