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Wizard Communication Systems
Online Support Pages

Installing Dial-Up Networking
For Windows95/98 - Page 2

Configuring a PPP Account

My Computer | Dial-Up Networking

1. Double-click on the My Computer icon in the Windows desktop.

2. Double-click on the Dial-Up Networking folder. If this is the first time you have opened the Dial-Up Networking folder, the New Connection Wizard will appear. Otherwise, double-click on the Make New Connection icon to start the New Connection Wizard.

NOTE: You can make a new connection for each user or Internet Service Provider if necessary.

Make New Connection Wizard

3. In the first screen, the New Connection Wizard asks for the name of the computer you want to dial. This name will appear under an icon in the Dial-Up Networking folder. The name of your service provider is a good choice for a connection name. If you have more than one modem, choose the modem you want to use from the "select a modem" drop-down menu. Click on the Next button.

SCSU Dial-Up Properties

4. In the next screen, type in the appropriate Wizard's Internet access telephone number. We have expanded our "Local" dialup access to all of Erie and Niagara Counties along with the communities of Medina, Albion, Batavia, Olean, and Wellsville.  All of our local calling areas have access to both dialup hunt groups.  Go to our Dialup Locations Page to see the numbers available for local dialup access.

Click on the Next button and then the Finish button to complete this wizard.

SCSU Dial-Up Menu

5. Notice that there's a new icon in the Dial-Up Networking folder. Right-click on that icon and choose Properties.

6. Click on the Server Type button.(In Windows 98 it is a tab.)

Server Type

7. The Type of Dial-Up Server field is a drop-down menu. Choose the PPP… option. Under Advanced Options, make sure there is a checkmark in the box next to Enable software compression. Under Allowed Network Protocols, you must have a check mark next to TCP/IP; uncheck any others. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

TCP/IP Settings

8. Server assigned IP address should be selected, and Server assigned name server addresses should have a dot next to it.
Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network should both be selected. Once this is completed click OK to close the TCP/IP Settings window. Then click OK to close the Server Types window. Click on the Configure button; this contains information about your modem.

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