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Wizard Communication Systems
Online Support Pages

Installing Dial-Up Networking
For Windows95/98

Before beginning you need to know what your login name and password are. You need to have a working modem installed in your computer. It is recommended that it is 14,000 bps or faster. Have your Windows 95/98 installation disks close by.

Loading the Dial-Up Networking Software

Windows95 Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs
1. If you didn't load the Dial-Up Networking component when you installed Windows 95/98, open the Control Panel and double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.

2. Click on the Windows Setup tab and select Communications from the Components list.

Windows Setup | Communications | 

Dial-Up Networking

3. Click on the Detail button. When the Components dialog box appears, place a checkmark in the box next to Dial-Up Networking.

4. Click on the OK button to close the Communications dialog box, and then click on OK again to close Windows Setup.

5. Windows will instruct you to insert one or more disks or CD-ROM in your computer's drive, or will retrieve the files from your hard drive. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen.

Restart Windows

6. When the installation is complete, Windows will instruct you to restart the computer. Click on the YES button to follow that instruction. Remember to remove all disks from the drive if you installed from floppy disks.

7. After the computer has rebooted, double-click on the Network icon in the Control Panel. TCP/IP and Dial-Up Adapter may already be listed. Remove any others that may appear by using the Remove button if you know you don't need them.

Add Dial-Up Adapter and TCP/IP 


8. Click on the Add... button if the TCP/IP and/or Dial-Up Adapter are not listed.


9. To Add Dial-Up Adapter: Double-click on Adapter in the list of component types. Click on Microsoft in the Manufacturers list, and Dial-Up Adapter in the list of network adapters. Click on the OK button.

10. To Add TCP/IP: Double-click on Protocol in the list of component types. Click on Microsoft in the Manufacturers list, and TCP/IP in the list of protocols. Click on the OK button.

Notice that TCP/IP and Dial-Up Adapter have been added to the component list.

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