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Wizard Communication Systems
Online Support Pages

Installing the Internet Explorer
For Windows 3.1 or 3.11

Insert the Wizard Communications Systems Internet Explorer 3.1 Disk #1 into the 3 1/2 Floppy Drive. Select File | Run from the Program Manager or Start Menu. Type in ad:\setup" (where "a" is the correct drive letter for your 31/2 floppy drive, otherwise use the correct drive letter in place of "a") and select OK.

Run Screen (setup.gif 6,000 kb)

Select the I Accept button on the "Internet Explorer License Agreement" window.

Select OK on the "Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.1 Setup" window.

Type in your full name in the Name box and your organization (if you have one, if not you can leave it blank) in the organization box under the "Name and Organization Information" window.

Name Screen (setname.gif 16,000 kb)

Select OK to continue.

Select OK to allow the Internet Explorer setup program to create a program directory.

  • Select Complete if you want the entire version of the Internet Explorer installed (recommended).
  • Select Custom if you want to choose what components of the Internet Explorer installed.
  • Select Continue on the "Choose Program Group" window directly following the installation window.

IE Setup Screen (settype.gif 25,000 kb)

The InterAccess Internet Explorer will now be installed onto your hard drive.

Once installation of the Internet Explorer is complete, the setup program will automatically detect what type of modem you are using.

  • Select Next to continue.
  • Once your modem has been detected and configured, select Next to finish the modem setup.
  • Select Finish to exit modem setup.

Once the Internet Explorer and the modem configuration have been completed, you will have to restart your computer so new program settings can take effect.

Select Yes to restart your computer.

Configuring Dialup Options

Once your computer has restarted, double click the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" program group to open it.

Double click the WCS Connection to buffalo icon. The "Connect To" box will appear.

Program Group Screen (programgroup.gif 9,000 kb)

Under the General you will see a dialogue box labeled ‘Telephone number’. Enter the appropriate number from your area.  We have expanded our "Local" dialup access to all of Erie and Niagara Counties along with the communities of Medina, Albion, Batavia, Olean, and Wellsville.  All of our local calling areas have access to both dialup hunt groups.  Go to our Dialup Locations Page to see the numbers available for local dialup access.

Click the OK button.

You may now connect as usual.

Note: Passwords and username are case sensitive, so your password and username must be entered in all lowercase.

Configuring Internet Explorer Mail

After a connection to the Internet has been established, double click> the Mail icon in the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" program group.

Enter your username in the Name box. Make sure to enter your user name in lower case letters only.

Enter your password (lowercase letters only) in the Password box.

Mail logon Screen (mlogon.gif 14,000 kb)

Select OK to continue.

Select Continue in the "Mail Settings" window.

In the "User Information" window, enter your full name in the Full name box.

Enter your full email address in lower case in the E-mail address box. Your email address is your username with "@wzrd.com" added to the end of your username. In this example, since "johnd" is the username, the email address becomes "johnd@wzrd.com"

User Information Screen (muserinf.gif 20,000 kb)

Select OK to continue.

In the "Retrieve Mail Settings" window, enter mail.wzrd.com in lower case only in the POP3 server box.

Enter your username in the Login name box.

Enter your password in the Password box.

Retrieve Mail Screen (mretrieve.gif 21,000 kb)

Select OK to continue.

In the "Send Mail Settings" window, enter mail.wzrd.com in lower case only in the SMTP server box.

Send Mail Settings Screen (msmtp.gif 15,000 kb)

Select OK to finish the Internet Explorer mail setup. You are now ready to s end and receive email.

Select File | Check Mail and wait for a minute or two for your email to download.

You have successfully configured Internet Explorer & Mail

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